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Cober Brief
Cober (Wuhan) Petroleum Equipment Ltd.(Former name:Cober Auto-Drilling & Production Equipment Ltd. ) base on the high technologies imported from Canada. Cober and its cooperators developed and carry on the drilling and production equipment of oilfield; And to offer superior service which covers design, consult, rebuild and maintenance for the oilfield equipment. Cober is able to offer the very kinds of the drilling and production equipment, components, spare parts, meters and gages, tools and materials for the oilfield.
Our offering as following:
Equipment and spare parts: Drilling Rig and Rig Parts, BOP and BOP Accumulator Control, Mud Pump and Mud Circulation unit, Sand Pump, Cementing Truck, Workover rig, Pumping Unit, Sucker Rod and Pony Rod and Polished Rod, Tubing, Tubing Pump and Rod Pump, Well Head and Mas-X Tree, Gate Vale, Choke Valve, Plug Valve, Safety Valve, Chiksan, Hammer Union & Joint, Pub Substitute and and Coupling, Drill Pipe and Collar, Stabilizer and Hole Opener, Casing Heads, Casing Cement Head.
Tools: Rock Bit and PDC Bit, Manual Tongs, Hydraulic Tongs, Rotary Tables, Rotary Hooks, Traveling Hooks, Swivel, Elevators, Slips,Clamps,Pneumatic Slips, Bridge Plugs, Cement Plug, Packers, Float Collar & Shoe, Centralizer.
Instruments: Weight Indicator, Pressure Meter, Flow Meter, Flow Level Meter.
Materials: Barite Powder, CMC; Haydite, Additive for anti-seepage loss.
Cober News
Customer visit 250 Workover rig [2012-07-23]
350 HP workover rig shipment [2012-07-23]
350 HP workover rig will be shipped [2012-06-26]
Meeting customer [2012-06-26]
550HP Workover rig shipment [2012-06-26]
New Contarcts [2012-02-21]
Visit and Exhbition [2011-09-29]
Coiled Tubing Unit [2011-09-29]
XJ350 workover rig shipment [2011-08-12]
Customer inspection and visiting [2011-08-12]
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